Uber: Unethical or Just Bad Press?

Uber is a massive ridesharing service that originated in San Francisco and now operates in multiple countries across the globe. Recent news has been portraying Uber in two very different lights. There is Uber: the new, cheap and convenient way to commute, and then there is Uber: the business destroyer and privacy invader. So which is it? As large and extensive of a company as it is, it is much more complicated than it seems.

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Project Loon

Project Loon Takes Off to the Outback

Shortly after Elon Musk announces that he is seeking to launch microsatellites to spread affordable internet across the world, Google announces their move to send balloons over Australia. Google’s Project Loon is looking to launch 20 balloons over Australia next month. Google has a vision to spread the internet into rural and remote locations and provide emergency internet when emergency situations occur.

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